Realism in Robust Speech and Language Processing

Dayana Ribas
ViVoLab, University of Zaragoza

Emmanuel Vincent
INRIA, France

John H.L. Hansen
University of Texas, Dallas, USA

Speech Communication Journal ELSEVIER

How can you be sure that your research has actual impact in real-world applications?. Real application scenarios involve several acoustic, speaker and language variabilities which challenge the robustness of systems. As early evaluations in practical targeted scenarios are hardly feasible, many developments are actually based on simulated data, which leaves concerns for the viability of these solutions in real-world environments.

One of the challenges currently faced in many areas of speech processing is the migration of laboratory
results to real applications. This session aims to provide a forum for the cross-fertilization of expertise and experimental evidence about “realism” across different areas of robust speech processing. We aim to characterize real scenarios by measuring the ranges and combinations of different parameters, and to establish “good practices” regarding which parameter violations are acceptable or not given the task to be solved and the limitations of today’s data collection and simulation tools...

Special Session

University of Zaragoza

Campus Río Ebro - Ada Byron Bld. María de Luna, 1.
ZP 50018, Zaragoza, Spain. 

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