05/2019: ICASSP 2019. Brighton, UK

Poster: "An Improved Uncertainty Propagation Method for Robust i-vector based Speaker Recognition" POSTER

12/2018: NIST-SRE Workshop. Athens, Greece

Poster: "Speaker Recognition System Description, ViVoLab"

11/2018: Iberspeech Conference. Barcelona, Spain

08/2018: Summer School "Machine Learning applied to Speech Technologies and Autonomous Agents", UEF, Finland

Lecture: "From Robust to Realistic Paradigm in Speech Processing"  PPT

05/2018: Visit to UEF Speech Processing Group

Lecture: "On the Robust Speech Processing: The REALISTIC Paradigm"  PPT

11/2016: Postdoc at Multispeech team, INRIA

Lecture: "Speaker Recognition: Current Challenges and Trends"  PPT

09/2016: Interspeech 2016 San Francisco, USA

Organizer and Chair at Special Session: “Realism in robust speech processing”  CALL FOR PAPERS

Chair at Oral Session: “Speech Coding and Audio Processing for Noise Reduction”

09/2015: Interspeech 2015 Dresden, Germany

Poster: “Uncertainty propagation for noise robust speaker recognition: the case of NIST-SRE”  POSTER

Poster: “Full multicondition training for robust i-vector based speaker recognition”  POSTER

Oral Presentation: “Effect of different jitter-induced glottal pulse shape changes in periodicity perturbation measures”

11/2014: Internship at Multispeech team, INRIA

Lecture: "Speaker Recognition in Noisy Environments" PPT

04/2014: ICASSP 2014 & REVERB Challenge

Poster: “Single channel speech enhancement based on zero phase transformation in reverberated environment”  POSTER

09/2013: Interspeech 2013

07/2013: RTTH Summer School. Vigo, Spain

Poster: "Noise Compensation Methods for Speaker Recognition"  POSTER

11/2012: Iberspeech 2012
Madrid, Spain

Oral Presentation: “Evaluation of a New Beam-Search Formant Tracking Algorithm in Noisy Environments”

07/2011: CIE 2011
Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Oral Presentation: “Nuevo método de estimación de máscaras de Missing Features para el reconocimiento de locutores en ambientes ruidosos”

11/2010: Ciarp 2010
Havana, Cuba

University of Zaragoza

Campus Río Ebro - Ada Byron Bld. María de Luna, 1.
ZP 50018, Zaragoza, Spain. 


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