Albayzín 2022 Evaluation

Results Submission

  • Remember that the zip output file must be identified by the following code:
    • Speech to Text Challenge (S2TC): S2TC_<SITE>_<SYSID>.zip
    • Speaker Diarization and Identity Assignement Challenge (SDIAC): SDIAC_<SITE>_<SYSID>.zip
    • Text and Speech Alignment Challenge (TaSAC): TASAC-ST_<SITE>_<SYSID>.zip
    • Where
      <SITE>: Refers to the acronym identifying the participant team (UPM, UPC, UVI, ...)
      <SYSID>: Is an alphanumeric string identifying the submitted system. For the primary system the SYSID string must begin with p-, c1- for contrastive system 1, c2- for contrastive system 2, c3- for contrastive system 3 and report- for the system description.
Type the black letters of the picture